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P’s & B’s try to balance our events with professional and business content throughout the year.  Hearing our memberships requests for sessions or speakers is key to our success in planning meaningful experiences for our participants. 

Here are a few requested sessions we are planning for our upcoming year:

  • Current business situation in Ukraine
  • 30 Day Social Media challenge with training.
  • Different Media Marketing strategies
  • Business skills workshops
    • Negotiating
    • Hiring
    • Taxes and accounting
    • Sales force and quality – where two rivers meet.
  • Socials and mixers
  • Dinner Gala
  • Student P&B’s Contact Builder Night


Here are a few themed series we are building.  If you or someone you know would be an interesting speaker/ presenter on any of these topics please reach out to

  • Living In Balance Seminars
    • Its hard to be both a one person show and have a life outside of your work… looking inward and outward of what and where our lives are and could be though lessons learned from others.
  • Stories from the Field, Success in Sight.
    • A speaker series set in 20 min bursts that shares the particular journeys of local business and entrepreneurs.
  • Silver Linings, Golden Rules and Platinum Memories
    • A speaker series that brings experienced and retired members to share their insights and journey in a 40-60 min presentation with a Q&A afterwards. Our association has many accomplished members we are proud of. 

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